freedman_harry_full2-croppedDr. Phillip Schnieder (MBA, PhD) is not only a business expert, but also a corporate psychologist, who has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies on technology issues that include security risk management and cybercrime, as well as how to merge technology with the human element, to maximize individual and organizational productivity. Dr. Schnieder has also worked with a great many energy firms and utilities including Exxon/Mobile and PS&G on strategic planning and futurism. He will discuss some of his “out of the box” methods to creatively use technology to revolutionize energy and the utility industry.

Keynote Address:  “The Future of Technology for Gas, Wind, Water, Solar & the Grid”

Time:  Wednesday, February 15, 2017   8:30am – 9:30am

Location:  PUEBLO, SONORA, KIVA Rooms
Squaw Peak Hilton Resort, Phoenix AZ