Speaker Guidelines


OUUG 2021 will be a combination of live & pre-recorded multi-track concurrent sessions which will premiere throughout the May 5-6, 2021 event. Presentations will 20-45 minutes in length. Encore presentations on-demand will be available throughout the year for all attendees. As a user-managed community event, the conference agenda comes together as customer & partners volunteer to present & the final agenda will be presented shortly.

The Abstract Submission Portal is now LIVE; share your experiences, insights & ideas with colleagues! Be part of the conference program by presenting a session or participating in a panel discussion on all things Oracle Utilities. Have a compelling project overview, case study, partner solution success story, etc.? Customer speakers will receive free OUUG registration this year & next when we return to in-person events.

The OUUG team will be providing complete guidance & support on recording & final production of your sessions; we’re here to help! All sponsor presentations must be co-presented with an Oracle customer.

Customer speakers will receive free OUUG registration for this year AND next when we return to in-person events!

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 14, 2021. Session speakers will be confirmed quickly & speakers provided with detailed speaking guidelines and instructions on how recording & editing/production assistance will be provided by the OUUG team during April 7-22, 2021 (a recording schedule for sign-ups will be provided upon confirmation).

If you are unable to make this assigned appointment, please email info@OUUG.org ASAP and we will attempt to reschedule for another one of these very limited slots between April 7-22, 2021. HOWEVER, be advised that we may not be able to reschedule this recording session and you will be unable to participate in this year’s virtual conference event.


  • Most presentations will be pre-recorded via scheduled Zoom recording sessions, with editing & production support from the OUUG team. We ask that install the official OUUG Zoom virtual background; download above.

  • Recording sessions will be conducted from April 12-22, 2021 and scheduled via the OUUG Session Recording Schedule Portal.

  • Presentations will premiere to registered OUUG attendees on May 5-6, 2021 & be available for encore on-demand replay throughout the year to registered attendees.

  • Presentation Q&A sessions are supported via the Aventri platform Attendee Chat & via email during premieres and replays.


  1. Schedule your Zoom recording session with the OUUG team ASAP via the OUUG Session Recording Schedule Portal for an appointment April 12-22, 2021

  2. Please review these OUUG Presenter Speaker Guidelines in advance of your recording appointment (document also attached).

  3. As the Primary Speaker who submitted the abstract, please make sure that any additional presenters get registered via the Aventri Abstract Portal too. PLEASE UPDATE ANY ADDITIONAL SPEAKER INFO; MANY HAVE NOT PROVIDED NAMES OR EMAIL ADDRESSES & WE ARE UNABLE TO UPDATE THOSE CO-SPEAKERS. Customer & Sponsor Partner speakers attend for free. All partners must be an OUUG sponsor and must co-present with a customer.

  4. Final PowerPoints versions are due no later than April 28, 2021 and must be submitted in a PowerPoint file (NOT PDF), with fonts embedded. PPTs must be uploaded via the Aventri Abstract Portal (access via the abstract link in your abstract submission receipt email).

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at Info@OUUG.org.